HyperTower Business Center The Heart of Business Understanding the needs of business is what
makes the Hyper Tower such a tour-de-force.
Point of presence The Hyper Tower is already on the map.
Let it put your business there too.

Thank you for your interest in Hyper Tower Business Centre in Limassol, Cyprus.

Hyper Tower is one of its own high class standard commercial project, which offers five floors of luxurious and adjustment workspace in addition to a spacious ground floor, both for sale or rent. Hyper Tower has an amazing panoramic view of the town and the sea, modern high speed lifts, 24/7 security arrangement and wide space upper and underground parking are just some of the benefits provided by the building.

Hyper tower has a unique aesthetic appeal, ultra modern and magnitude architecture attributes to integrate with global progress of the city.

It is ideally located in the main area of Limassol, easy to approach and just minutes away from the golden coastline and busiest ports in the Mediterranean. It is within 40 minute drive from International airports.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions so please don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

Hyper Tower is already on the map. Let it put your business there too…

projectThe Hyper Tower Business Centre is the newest and most definitive landmark in Limassol. It stands adjacent to major road arteries leading into the city itself and is conveniently accessible from all major locations.

Its precision engineering and formidable presence make the Hyper Tower a highly sought-after real estate that leaves little to the imagination. It has been designed to the exact specifications that meet and exceed the needs of businesses. It aims to serve the requirements of companies – new and existing – with thoughtful and spacious offices, modern conference facilities, the latest technologies, vast underground and exterior parking, and aesthetic distinction that compel trust and admiration for its occupants and visitors.

Understanding the needs of a business centre is what makes the Hyper Tower such a tour-de-force. It is a testament to modern construction and technology meeting modern business needs. Primed with the best materials from the most reputable manufacturers, no expense has been spared to ensure that the business centre lives up to its grandiose title. The final touches are yours to embellish with our extensive selections of wall coverings, flooring, and sanitary ware.

There can be no mistaking the formidable presence of the Hyper Tower with its bold, modern architecture and inspirational business attributes.

It favours the courageous; it stands as a beacon just minutes from the golden coastline of Limassol and access to some of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. It is within a 40 minute drive of both major airports in Larnaca and Paphos, and it is just a sidestep away of the main highway that links all major cities in Cyprus – including the island’s capital, Nicosia.

The Hyper Tower is already on the map. Let it put your business there too.

Hyper Tower Business Centre Limassol is perfectly located in the middle of the city, easy approachable Mesa Getonia roundabout. This excellent site connects residents and guests to the Cyprus new highway that crosses the island and leads to other cities as Larnaca, Paphos and the capital city Nicosia.More over this leads straight to the city centre of Limassol where banks, restaurants, shops and many other amenities of the town are located. Near the building is a pedestrian under path which allows easy access in any directions you wish to go by foot.


Coastline and Port – 10 minutes.
International Larnaca and Paphos airports – 40 minutes.

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Technical Specifications

The building has five spacious office floors, each measuring 817 m2 including two verandas and six bathrooms with two handicapped WC’s. The ground floor and mezzanine area is 1,056 m2. The building’s design is in accordance to the European specifications and to the current antisismic codes and regulations.
Three phase electrical supply that conforms to the 16th edition of the Cyprus Electricity Authority requirements. High quality fittings, automatic lighting 0n the ground floor and underground parking areas.
Heating & air conditioning:
The ECO Toshiba VRF system outdoor units optimize room comfort and reduce energy and maintenance costs, combined with maximized simplicity and operating flexibility. The indoor air condition units will be installed by tenant’s or buyer’s.
The building supports a telecommunication distribution system capable of handling multiple systems and service providers.
Spacious parking space in the basement level will be secured by a card reader access control system. The ground level parking around the building will provide free entrance for visitors.
Two Mitsubishi modern and high technology elevators will minimize and control traffic flow management, from basement parking to the fifth floor, combined with enhanced safety and enhanced energy efficiency.
Under floor cable system to meet your requirments and office needs.
Supply of intrusion detection system, lock keeper detectors and glass break sensors.


Fire proof with solid Irocco main entrance door and Beech Tree wooden interior doors.
The front of the building is constructed from exclusive glass curtain wall system and includes benefits such as solar reflection, semi-structural glazing and noise control throughout and as well as natural light penetration deeper within the building.
Floor covering & ceiling:
A quality of granite tiles will cover the ground floor, WC’s and the mezzanine level. Office space will have raised floors and a selection of false ceilings and separation panels.
Wall covering:
All internal surfaces have 3 coats of plaster and emulsion washable paint.
Plumbing & sanitary ware:
Cold water with a pipe-in-pipe system. All WC’s acquired from Porcelain Villeroy and Boch supplier and fitted to an excellent standard.

Hyper Tower Business Center Limassol offers both offices for sale and for rent.

Floors 1-5 have a total area of 817 m2 that includes two verandas each of 66.5 m2. There are 6 high quality equipped bathrooms on every floor, 2 of them adjusted for the handicapped. Each floor can be divided in half to meet the needs of a smaller office. The division of the floor will provide an equal open plan office and veranda with a stunning city and sea view.

The ground floor with mezzanine is 1056 m2. It’s suitable as a show room and has been designed for space and functionality. There is a wide variety of raised floors, suspended ceilings and partitions to choose from to meet your company’s needs.

The occupants will have car parking spaces underground and on the open air adjacent to the building.

Floor Covered Area (m2) Two Verandas (m2) Total (m2) Car Parking Availability
Ground Floor and Mezzanine 1056 1056 Included Available
1 floor 685.5 66.5×2 817 Included Available
2 floor 685.5 66.5×2 817 Included Available
3 floor 685.5 66.5×2 817 Included Available
4 floor 685.5 66.5×2 817 Included Available
5 floor 685.5 66.5×2 817 Included Available

Cyprus … an extraordinary holiday and business destination

cy01The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is surrounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, a location that has directed the course of the island’s history and defined its civilization. Blessed with a mild climate and almost daily sunshine, the island is valued for its natural landscape, with a varied coastline that gives way to the rising Troodos mountains.

Above all, Cyprus lures visitors – often permanently – with its unique lifestyle. Short distances, a balance of quiet rural areas and cosmopolitan urban centres, excellent services, all-round business and leisure facilities, and a friendly population create a comfortable setting. In addition, the business community can benefit from a qualified workforce and a favourable tax environment.

When it comes to buying property on the island, the procedure is particularly straightforward for European Union nationals. The choice of properties is vast, with flexible financing schemes and bank loans offered in all major European. Apart from all the benefits mentioned all new investors will receive automatically the Cypriot citizenship. So it is not surprising that Cyprus has outranked many other southern European destinations as a desirable location for a business destination and as a second home. As demand continues to rise, the continued appreciation of property makes investments on the island even more appealing.

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